Titanium Flame Aura Hello Kitty

Titanium Flame Aura Hello Kitty

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“The Stone of Universal Light”

Natural clear quartz crystals are gently coated with cobalt to create this vibrant healing crystal.

Flame aura quartz has an iridescent surface that displays a rainbow of colors ranging from bright pinks and greens to rich purple and indigo.

Titanium Flame Aura allows for one to go deep into meditation to receive spiritual attunement. 

  • Power
  • Love
  • Harmony
    • Joy
  • Spirituality
    • Third-Eye
    • Meditation
      • Used in meditation to stimulate the movement of the Kundalini Energy to the Crown Chakra
    • Psychic Abilities
      • Clairvoyance
        • Promotes Clairvoyance and all forms of “seeing”
      • Insight
        • Assist with reading people
      • Channeling
        • Opens psychic channels
        • Allows for communication with higher guides
      • Psychic Communication
      • Psychic Visions
  • Healing
    • Chakra Alignment
      • Activates and balances the seven major chakras
    • Helps release negative emotional blockage
  • Grounding
    • Removes creative blockages and enhances creative powers
    • Brings The Body Back Into Balance
  • Protection
    • Protection From Electromagnetic Fields
  • Chakra: All, Especially The Third Eye, Higher Crown, Etheric, and Soma
  • Energy Vibration:   1 & 4
  • Zodiac: All
  • Planet: Mars
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