Moon Diana - Goddess of the Pagans & Queen of the Witches

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Also known as Goddess of the Hunt, the moon, hunting, a warrior in her own right and virgin goddess of childbirth and women Diana is often considered the ideal form of strong and independent femininity.

Diana is beautifully sculpted here with a full grown stag, sword and hunting spear. The overall bronze appearance is broken by selectively picked out details adding bits of magical majesty to this wonderful piece.

Measures 10 1/4" X 7" X 5"


Planet:  Moon

Season: Harvest

Month:  November

Day : Friday

 Festival: August 13th

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Gemstone: Moonstone, Pearl, Quartz, Crystal, Silver, Turquoise, Iron, Aluminum, Diamonds. Plants: Anemones, Flowering Almond, Hazel, Ranunculus, Honeysuckle, Thistle, Laurel, Fir Tree 

Scent/Incense: Jasmine, Aloe, Ginseng, Lemon Verbena, Camphor, Sandalwood, Lemon, Rose


Animals: Dogs, Guinea Fowl, Elephant, Horses, Bear, Dove, Deer, Bee, Hound, Stag Symbol: Moon, Water, Forest, Sun, Bow, Arrows


  • Abundance
  • Animals
  • Crone
  • Chastity
  • Children
  • Fertility
  • Independence
  • Hunting
  • Harvest
  • Providence
  • Protection
  • Physical Strength




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