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A Miracle a Minute

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by Crockett & D'Amdrea

We have all gone through periods of loneliness and grief caused by a crisis, an illness or perhaps even death. Out of despair we may have gotten down on our knees and prayed to God for guidance and a miracle to happen in our lives.

Many of us may feel disappointed that our prayers to God have gone mostly unanswered. Is it possible that we are NOT following the necessary "procedures" which will enable God to hear our call for help?

Is there more to harvesting a miracle than just getting down on your knees and stretching out your hands in praise to the Lord, thereby having your demands meet?

Co-author Maria D' Andrea says that visualizing your prayers will ramp up the reaction you are likely to get. And, in order to intensify the visualization process, she teaches that there are several things which are of tremendous help in projecting your prayers with super speed into the Heavenly realms.

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