Wealth & Successful Business Buddha Grid Kit

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This Grid is to attract Business, Success, Wealth,Good Fortune all around you!

Use it for: Business drawing ,Attract wealth, Attract good fortune.

You will receive in your kit:

1 Happy Buddha of Prosperity & Fortune Totem - Fortune 2" X 2" This Buddha is depicted standing, offering up the ball of wealth and good fortune. This is the best Buddha for attracting patrons to a business or balance to a home.

6 - Citrine- The effect of citrine will be seen in your increased self respect, proper expression of personal powers, and in your ability to attract abundance. These concepts are interlinked. Your improved self-respect will make you capable of using your powers in a reasonable and correct way. On the other hand, your ability to use your powers properly, will bring you to prosperity and abundance, and this not only in the material spheres. Your creativity will rise.

6 - Green Aventurine - This is the stone of opportunity, luck and chance. Aventurine makes a good divination tool for spiritual guidance on anything related to money or gambling.

1 - Quartz Point Wand

1 - Layout Grid Directions

1- Gypsy Pouch
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