Crescent Moon Kuan Yin Goddess Statue Mystical Moons

Crescent Moon Kuan Yin Goddess Statue

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This beautifully detailed hand polished, cold cast bronze statue, depicts the bodhisattva, Kuan Yin sitting upon a crescent moon, with a bed of flowers beneath her feet.


Measure. 8 1/4"

Kuan Yin is a friend, guide, and protector to humans.
She banishes fear and hardship, and protects people from spiritual and physical harm.
She is the patroness of seafarers, farmers, and travelers.
She rescues shipwrecked sailors. She is a guardian of women and watches over children.
She has helped childless women conceive. Kuan Yin is kind and generous. She is a healer.
She is merciful and eases suffering. Kuan Yin helps humans forgive and make amends.

She is the Goddess of unconditional love and compassion.

She also is an oracular Goddess and a magician.

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