Dragon & Phoenix Chinese Iron Balls Set

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Gently weighted and delicately chiming, these Dragon & Phoenix iron balls stimulate acupressure points in the hands to help ease stiffness and pain.

Chinese iron balls have long been famed as one of the "three treasures " of Baoding, China. First produced during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) 

These lighter balls are easier to handle and the musical tones contribute to the relaxation process that results from exercising with them 

Held in the palm of one hand and twirled around each other during the day these balls help exercise the hand and forearm and reduce and prevent the damage that can be caused by repetitive motions. The balls also produce a singing sound when properly spun adding a meditative effect to their use. 

Packaged in beautiful silk box with faux bone toggle closure. 

Comes with an instruction card. 

Each measure 1 1/2" 



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