"Wise" Indigo Gabbro Pendulum Keep Box

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This is a 6-sided Indigo Gabbro pendulum.

Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined crystal that has surfaced within the last few years. It is said to relieve violence and also provides connection to the higher self.

Use this beautiful stone for your next divination practice.This is a 6-sided Indigo Gabbro pendulum.

Comes in Celestial Trinket Keep Box which is embellished with brass inlays in various celestial patterns and individually stained randomly selected from available stock.  Measures 3” x 2”

Metaphysically Speaking
 Chakra: Root  Zodiac: 
AKA: Wise Soul Stones/Crystal: Seraphinite, Amethyst, Ajoite

  • Courage
  • Dreams
  • Intuitive learning
  • Insight
  • Love
  • Meditation
  • Mental Growth
  • Past Life
  • Patience
  • Strength
  • Spiritual Energies


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