Money Drawing Pendulum Travelers Set

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Your set includes:

1 Green Aventurine - This gemstone pendulum features the beautiful Green Aventurine as the swaying bob that will aid you in finding the answers you seek within your divination and dowsing.

1 Green Aventurine stone

  • It is used for activating growth and renewal.
  • It’s excellent for clearing the heart chakra.
  • It helps us get moving again after we’ve been stuck for a while. Aventurine enhances creativity, 
  • Success in business, independence, prosperity, calmness and balance.
  • Known for inducing the ability to see the potential in a situation, as well as enhance the intellect and mental clarity. It is also said to bring luck, especially in games of chance!
  • It is a gentle stone what is used to impart a sense of calm and balance. 
  • In Crystal Healing work, Green Aventurine is considered to be especially healing of mind and body. It is used to improve the circulatory system, help with headaches and sleep disorders.
  • It is said to improve ones general health.
  • Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra 

1 Packet of Quick Money Spell Mix

1 Charging Trunk

Great for easy travel

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