Stone Of Spiritual Growth Amethyst 7 Chakras Pendulum Mystical Moons

Amethyst 7 Chakras Pendulum

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Discover how amethyst can aid in enhancing psychic ability, healing the mind, or achieving wisdom with the aid of this Amethyst 7 Chakra Pendulum.

Measures 6”

Unique gift to yourself or that special someone

  • Power
    • Intuition
    • All Psychic Abilities
    • Encourages inner strength
    • Directs towards resolve, stability and independence.
    • Strengthens purpose, hope, freedom and leads to peace and balance.
  • Healing
    • Purification
    • Strengthens the Aura against negative energies
    • Used to recover from physical addictions
  • Protection
    • Protects against drunkenness, hailstorms, thunderstorms and lightning 
    • Protects against Black Witchcraft and Psychic Attack
    • Protects one while traveling
    • Protects soldiers from harm
    • Wards off attempts by others to steal one’s power.
    • Powerful stones for psychic protection
    • Protects Astro travelers from negative entities
    • All around spiritually protective stone
  • Spiritual
    • Spiritual/Divine Connection
    • Spiritual & Psychic Centers
    • Spiritual Awareness
    • Crown Chakra
    • Third Eye Chakra
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Clears and repairs holes in the Aura
    • Opens and activates the Crown Chakra
    • Facilitates a connection to the divine
    • Allows for a greater connection the spiritual realms
    • Transmutes lower vibrations into higher frequencies
    • Connects the physical plane with the higher realm
    • Promotes a higher state of consciousness
    • Opens the cosmic flow of energies.
    • Bonds the physical being with their spiritual spirit, or soul.

Chakra: Third Eye/ Crown

Planet: Uranus

Element: Wind

Vibration: 3

Birthstone: February 

Zodiac: Virgo / Sagittarius / Aquarius / Pisces

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