The Ultimate "Blessings & Smudge" Set

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This set gives you the tools you need to get started right away. 

Perfect for New House Cleansing, Spring House Cleaning, Apartments, Homes, Offices.. so many places to use your cleansing kit.

Your kit will include the following

  • Wood 3-legged stand
  • White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Smudging  Feather (color varies)
  • Abalone shell
  • Rose Quartz Stone
  • 2 oz Loose California Sage
  • Celestial Bell
  • 2 dr Dragons Blood Oil w/ tourmaline
  • 2 dr Black Destroyer Oil w/ tourmaline
  • 2 dr Lavender Oil w/citrine
  • White candle w/holder
  • Black candle w/holder
  • Smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander - Learn to bring the natural powers of Smudging to bring blessings into your life, attract love, relax, or give energy, with the Smudging and Blessing Book. 

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